Who was unmasked as the 2023 Masked Singer Harp?

Clues and hints throughout the season

Early clues and hints

Late clues and hints

Fan theories and speculation

Key takeaway: The Harp, a mysterious singer dressed in a harp costume, was unmasked as the Grammy-winning artist Alison Krauss. Clues and hints throughout the season, along with fan theories and speculation, led to the big reveal. The judges’ early and late guesses were incorrect, and the true identity of the Harp was a surprise to many.

Popular fan theories

Speculation based on clues and hints

Celebrity guests and performances

Guest appearances and performances

Standout performances and moments

Judges’ guesses and comments

Early guesses and comments

Late guesses and comments

The big reveal

Unmasking process

The identity of the Harp


The Winner Of Season 9 Is… | Season 9 Ep. 14 | The Masked Singer

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